Additional blog posts.

These next blog posts are from another blog I had set up for The Ravens project, directed by Sophie Lodge. For some reason, I thought I had to have seperate blogs for each film, which is silly now that I think about it. So he are the blog posts that I have done.

Tracking (done in december)

During the first term, I was down to work with the following groups: The Deep, Unhatched and Patience. This has now changed; the Patience group have decided they will do the lighting themselves so I will no longer be working with this group. But I have spoken to Sophie Lodge, project leader on a documentary project called The Ravens. This will be a compositing project, mixing 3D with film footage. This is a great opportunity to work as a lighter because it is matching the lighting from maya with the film footage. This is an area I am really interested in and this is where I would like to end up as a job. Sophie has sent me a lighting plate for me to work with. It hasn’t been tracked, but I don’t mind this at all because I really enjoy tracking. The tracking will be done with MatchMover. This is a playblast from an automatic track done in MatchMover and then exported in to Maya: I’ve decided to do tracking with Match Mover on my mac, A consistent problem that I have been having is when ever I import the image sequence for tracking part of the video window goes grey which makes the software unusable. I did some research online and it is to do with the nvidia graphics cards installed on the macs (…linkID=9242258). What I will do is just use maya live and do all the tracking through that. If this proves to be too difficult then I will use MatchMover on my PC. An advantage of me using Maya Live is that I’m more familiar with it compared to MatchMover.


About thekidtrodd

I am a Computer Animation student studying in the UK. I'm in my 3rd and final year of my degree. I am also an editor and photographer for Casio.
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