Andy was after a turntable of the submarine underwater. This turntable is freeze frame from a scene in the film. The purpose of this was to get an idea of what the lighting would look like from different angles.

I rendered the scene out on different layers. Here is the link to see it on youtube:


For this clip I had to make the bubbles in Maya instead of After Effects as the bubbles plugin (After Effects) is only 2D and therefore won’t work with this turntable. When organizing the render layers I placed the bubbles on a separate render layer, the problem with this was that the bubbles were visible when they shouldn’t have been, such as at these points in time: 0:26 and 0:35. In the future, for these clips I would have the bubbles on the same render layer as the submarine.


About thekidtrodd

I am a Computer Animation student studying in the UK. I'm in my 3rd and final year of my degree. I am also an editor and photographer for Casio.
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