Unhatched Lighting Test Feedback.

Showed Tom Ritchie the Director of Unhatched the light tests I had done for him. due to the projects’ early stage of development I didn’t feel that I had much to go on, only 9am on a summers day.

Tom had a look at the lighting tests with the paint effects tree that I had done last week. The feedback was positive and here are some of the next things Tom would like me to test:

  • Try a slight yellow tone
  • Try a three point lighting set up.
  • Multiple directional lights (imitating the sun).
  • Background is too plain, but this has yet to be developed.

About thekidtrodd

I am a Computer Animation student studying in the UK. I'm in my 3rd and final year of my degree. I am also an editor and photographer for Casio.
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