Underwater Light Test #3

Due to the fact that I’ve done several lighting tests now and each has taken a long time, progress has been quite slow. I thought about adding some Planars in front of the spot light to get the beams of light which is the result that andy would like me to get with this test, this didn’t work. I then thought about using the booleans tool to poke different sized holes so that the light can break through and get those light columns. When I explained this method to Andy, he said that I was thinking too technical and complicated. Fahran recommended that I try out the: grid, fractal, and noise textures, a simple method, but the results are looking promising already.

Grid texture attached to the color attribute of the spotlight.

I increased the V under the UVs on the grid texture node. What I didn't like about the grid texture was that there wasn't enough variety in the beams, they were all the same size. I'll try the noise texture because it has a "Time" attribute which means the texture can be animated.

Replaced the grid texture with a Noise; this is a lot better than the grid texture, more variety in the light beams and I have more control.

Currently doing a batch render test. 121 frames on Preview quality with the time attribute key framed. The last animated batch render I did, the animation was too fast, so I reduced the speed, hopefully this will be the correct speed this time.


About thekidtrodd

I am a Computer Animation student studying in the UK. I'm in my 3rd and final year of my degree. I am also an editor and photographer for Casio.
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